Everything from Conferences, Prayers, Family days, outings, we are a church that is centered around the family dynamic and nothing makes us stronger than celebrating together

Give Him The Glory Conference

03 - 05 March 2017

Our Giev Him the glory conference is going to be on the first weekend of march, and we have such names as Ps. Zanele, Ps. Sheila, Ps. Soly Mahlangu & Performances by Lebo Sekgobela and more!!!

Men’s Conference

21 may

The men’s conference is a get away conference for the men of the Christ is the Way Ministries, affectionately named “The Warriors of the Kingdom”,at the conference the men are taught about the values of being an upstanding man of the kingdom, fatherhood and marriage

Youth Conference

18 June

The youth Conference is the Youth Ministry’s main event for the year, this conference always seeks to engage the youth and bring them in to the realm of the christian circles, its an even thats always filled with powerful messages from preachers,dancing and jubilation

12 year Anniversary Conferenceo

09 - 10 July

The church here celebrates its annual birthday and its years in service, these are always accompanied by the way powerful messages of Pastors from far and near, and Food and drink

Women's Conference

19 - 21 August

The Ladies, Girls and Mothers of the church embark on an annual away event at chosen destinations to goand seek the face of God, Fellowship and Arm themselves with the word, and with advice from each other regarding parenting, Health and financin


Prayer Mondays

Every Working Monday

Mondays we meet 18h00 to have prayer, to connect with God,those who can are also encouraged to fast

Half Night prayers

4 March, 4 April, 3 June, 8 June, 26 August , 7 Oct , 18 Nov ,

We have a few half night prayers set up for the year, download our calendar to see them

Couple's Fellowship

13 feb, 6 May,

The married couples in the church fellowship together, to strengthen each other

Single's Ministry Fellowship

19 Mar, 23 jun, 12 Nov

The Single's Ministries have their fellowships on the marked dates on the calendar

Family Days

21 Feb, 8 May, 25 Sep, 4 Dec

These are amazing days we set aside for fun in the sun, Games, and Good food, the chruch fellowships beyond just the auditorium

Youth and young adult

These two ministries meet every second week of each month

this program is tasked with helping our college students to young adults and their families within the context of a local church or a parachurch organization. Training young people to lead the cause of Christ,. The purpose of the Young adults Ministry program is to prepare the 23 - 35 year olds of our church for the challenges of the world, from within the context of our church and Christ

Men's ministry

15 Apr, 21 May, 22 Oct

Where men come together to fellowship to encourage and strengthen their families. pursuing men to realise their roles as heads of houses, we will have an incomplete institution i.e marriage and the church. It is a place of accountability and team building.h

Holy Communion Sundays

3 jan , 27, mar , 22 may,

The Breaking of Bread and the partaking of the blood of Jesus with the Brethren of the church

Senior citiz Ministry

21 Feb, 8 May, 25 Sep, 4 Dec

The coming together of the aged brethren in the church, those who have gone through the years with Jesus in their hearts

Women's Ministry

27 feb, 16 apr, 11 jun, 20 Aug 22 oct

The Women’s Ministry of Christ is the Way Ministries Ministries is called “Women of Impact”, Women of Impact” ….always doing good and helping the poor.” (Acts 9: 36) it focuses on the following three aspect: A female – focuses on her physical beauty the wife – the role of a woman towards her husband and a mother – the role of a woman in the family.

Sunday services

From 09h00 to 11h30

We are a Proud Family oriented Church
We believe in Worship, Prayer and Ultimately strengthening the Relationship between The Individual and God. Come join us for a Service

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